I’m Adam Westbrook - an Emmy-nominated video artist, journalist and writer, currently based in London.

Among other things, I write and direct short films for The New York Times including Operation Infektion & Jaron Lanier Fixes The Internet.

Previously I wrote and directed films about everything from the creative secrets of Leonardo da Vinci, how binary works, a parable for our smartphone obsession and why incompetence happens.

And I created a sci-fi web-series called Parallax.

You can see my body of work here!

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This newsletter is a project for 2019-2020.

My aim is to write something short and thoughtful for you every Sunday.

The newsletter will be my way of sharing my experiences and ideas through the year. You can expect me to write about my creative process; how visual storytelling works; conversations and experiences I have just had; updates on the screenplay I am working on and other purely personal creative projects. I will share videos I have made that I am proud of too.

I will also occasionally share work that moves me, but I won’t be sending a weekly list of links or anything like that.

It’ll be a weekly conversation about filmmaking, storytelling, art and life and you will be able to reply and take part.

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Adam - December 2019

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