.37 Warm Sounds

.36 Things I know about visual storytelling

.35 A Low Dishonest Decade

.34 The Moving Mountain

.33 As the Electromagnetic Pulse Ripped Through The City, He Saw It Was All For Nothing

.32 Hobbies

.31 All Sorts Of Things Become Possible

.30 A New Film I’m proud of

.29 The Time Orson Welles Met Hitler

.28 The Thermodynamics of the Creative Process

.27 I don’t know how to be older than this

.26 Your Questions, Answered

.25 The Threshold of Awareness

.24 The Sacred Stage

.23 A vague haze of malaise

.22 Looking and Seeing

.21 My Storyboarding Process

.20 You’re Weird

.19 Five miscellaneous things

.18 Planned improv


Weekly reflections on visual storytelling and the creative process from video artist Adam Westbrook.